Poppi- The Balloon Eating Clown

Poppi is an internationally recognized member of the “New Atlas Clown School.” 

A secret society of clowns driven to spread peace and altruism. Poppi is the first and only member chosen to reveal his membership.

Poppi isn’t limited to performances. Poppi has exposed himself in books including: Daddy you can let go now, All these Chickens, and Three Sarahs and a Bushel of Corn.

Poppi won’t reveal his secrets but will reveal yours. Fear clowns? So does Poppi. Poppi fears jugglers, face painters, magicians, hypnotists, doctors, bureaucrats, modern dancers, raw salmon, asphalt and German cars. Poppi doesn’t fear you. 

Give Poppi a chance to touch that part of you that hasn’t been touched in a while. Poppi knows where it hurts.

Poppi will be your brother opening the back door of Mark Johanson’s van, not quite what you wanted but something you needed. Don’t worry, Poppi is there for you.

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